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The Team


With my extensive training in beauty, skincare and make-up over 25 years, I have a depth of experience that my exclusive client list trust and new clients seek out across London.


Using the latest cutting-edge skincare technology combined with devoted client service, I will take you on a journey to achieve healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin.


If you are truly searching for a positive and immediate transformation in your skin, I will deliver the results that you desire. I am passionate, energetic and committed to providing a premium service and bespoke treatment for all skin types.



Certified Microblading Artist 

Instagram - @hindabrow



I am in-house Life Coach and therapist at Gym and Tonic members club and N20 Beauty and Skincare Spa and a member of the Association for Coaching.

I will guide you, to be successful in your work life, make you aware of your potential, and to be happy in your personal life. I'm here to remind you of the importance of your work/life balance and how getting that right can benefit you exponentially in both areas.

I will instill confidence in you, help you feel happier, freer, more in control and relaxed.




Having extensive experience in the field of Homeopathic Medicine my passion lies in Homeopathic Bioregulatory Mesotherapy. For all those who are not familiar with this method I hope it will peak your interest!

As a specialist I offer training on therapeutic treatment using Homeopathic preparations ampoules using injectable techniques.These would include anti-inflammatory blends, homeopathic collagen, tonifying organ support remedies the vast amount of preparations with healing properties  are able to assist cellular respiration. Treatments include the muscular skeletal system, hormone support, immune boost,  mental emotional support are only a few to mention.
The holistic emphasis of the therapy brings a wellness wellbeing and wellbeing to the forefront which is much needed in our current climate.


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